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Originally Posted by CO FF View Post
They sell the logo products on the side, to supplement their outrageously high salaries.

They gather the entire staff (who aren't responding to your late nite calls) into one room and watch all the free movies that PLTs dont want.

You're assuming, of course, that this is anything more than poor employees and/or poor training...which may be unwarranted
I don't know that people are 'motivated to provide bad service'. Like in any walk of life, errors can be made, and oversights can occur. Certainly a training issue can be a problem.

Also, hotel guests often cannot see the whole picture, as they do not have all of the information available about a particular scenario. Upgrades, for example - so many factors for a hotel to consider,when the only information a guest can see, or for that matter is interested in (understandably so, of course) is their own booking.

I can only speak for myself, and my own property when I say that, when it comes to Plats and Golds, if we can, we will. Same in every SPG property I ever worked in.
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