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Originally Posted by bowdenj View Post
Anyone donate with this method?
Yes, I do.
Originally Posted by bowdenj View Post
What's the difference?
Apheresis donations take a lot longer. From the time I start filling out the form until I've had my last donut at the canteen is usually about 2.5 to 3 hrs. (whole blood donations generally take about an hour). For the apheresis donation they hook you up to a machine that draws your blood out, extracts components(Platelets, red cells, plasma or some combination thereof) then returns your blood into your body.
Originally Posted by bowdenj View Post
Is it any better to donate Aspheresis versus whole blood?
Because the blood is returned to your circulatory system, your body can regenerate the missing components faster than replacing replacing a pint of whole blood. Therefore, you can donate more often (every 2 weeks for apherisis vs 8 weeks for whole blood) resulting over time in a much larger net to the blood bank.
If you can afford the time, the potential is there to help a lot more people by donating more often.
Plus, you can reach "elite status" in your blood banks donor program faster.

The nurse at my blood bank told me that:
If everybody that is eligble to donate blood were to donate just once each year, there would never be another blood shortage!
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