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Originally Posted by jacksafar View Post
Weren't you doing some crazy MHT-DTW-SEA-PDX-SEA-DTW-MHT kind of run last weekend? (when we were on the same SEA-DTW flight). I was doing the SEA-DTW-JAX-MSP-SEA MR myself.

I've encountered this same problem on previous MileSafari type programs. I'll end up flying SEA-PDX-NRT-HKG or something like that (usually since NW 7 SEA-NRT is always full/overbooked like 325 days a year). I forget that just the little 140 mile jump from SEA-PDX on Horizon will disqualify my mileage bonusing opportunities sometimes. Even one little CO segment will do the same. One time I was on SEA-DTW-MEX-IAH-MSP-SEA, and one seg was CO and the whole thing got tossed out for the promo. I was pissed!

Perhaps you should just sign-up for a new 1-year WC Membership. (50 points) I hear the shower is pretty nice at the DTW one
Man, let's hope that's not the case. It just pisses me off that NW will disqualify flights where their code-share partner offers a much more frequent connection (every 30 mins on the hour). How can one 130 mile puddle-jumper do this?! ARGHHH!!!!

And yes, the showers are nice in DTW. I wish I had swinging glass doors in my shower instead of some nylon shower curtain.

50 points? Hmmm...I mean, I like miles, but that money for a WC could be used for a FUTURE ticket which accrues EQMs--not just RDMs! It's all about opportunity cost .
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