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Gary Danko does have fabulous food and gets great reviews, so it appeals to a wide variety of people (unlike some other SF restaurants with equally good food but more specialized appeal). The best review I ever saw for a restaurant was for Gary Danko, and included the following:

"WARNING: If you take your girlfriend, she may exclaim that she had been looking forward to sex that night, but after having the chocolate souffle she already felt fully satisfied."

The other SF restaurants in the Gary Danko class, sans chocolate souffle, are Michael Mina (by Union Square) and Fleur de Lys (an SF classic but still memorable). But one of the joys of SF is getting good food at cheap restaurants, or distinctive food. In the latter group is Greens, a vegetarian restaurant that appeals to non-vegetarians.

For dim sum, try going to the Richmond and eat at Ton Kiang on Geary.
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