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EWR - BOG on CO in coach

After some well-deserved rest at the Doubletree Hotel (which I found quite nice), I returned to terminal c at about 1000. With my flight no scheduled to depart until 1520 that afternoon, I dropped off my luggage and headed into Manhattan on the Airtrain/NJ Transit combo. On the return, I made it to the airport only at about 1440 and was starting to worry about missing my flight to Colombia again, but made it to the gate well before the doors were being closed, despite the dreaded SSS on my boarding pass. Given their fearsome reputation, I found the TSA screeners fairly courteous and professional when they gave me and my luggage the full treatment..

09 JAN 07 CO 881 EWR BOG B737-700 dep 1520 arr 2120 seat 6C

The six-hour flight from Newark to Bogotá was operated by a B737-700 which for my European taste was an awfully small plane for such a long flight. It was also exceptionally crowded with very few empty seats to be seen in the main cabin. Imagine my delight, when 6B remained empty after the doors were closing. I wonder whether this is actually some form of elite benefit, as the middle seat on my previous flight had also remained empty until a very last minute seat change.

The flight itself was rather uneventful - inflight entertainment was again of the old-fashioned overhead monitors - and the movies shown were 'The Lake House' and 'Lost in Translation'. The food service on this flight was a hot beef sandwich and some chips (no choices offered), followed by some form of soft biscuites. While the sandwich itself was quite ok, I found the quantity of food served again below par for such a long flight and more in line with what one usually expects on a 2-3 hour sector in Europe. There was also no snack offered before arrival, so I was rather hungry when arriving in Bogotá. I again had a very enjoyable conversation with my seatmate - triggered by some documents I was reading - about Colombia's civil war, drug trade etc. I'm usually not a fan of small talks and prefer my seatmates mute, but on CO I have been quite lucky with regard to company.

Arrival in Bogotá was ahead of time but we had to wait for some 20 minutes until our gate became vacant, eating up any time savings. However, compared with my previous visits there was virtually no waiting time at immigration and I left El Dorado airport with my lugge some 30 minutes after arriving at the gate - a new record for me. In conclusion, this was a decent sector - departure and arrival were on-time, my main gripes being the lack of AVOD and the meagre food offerings.
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