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I note one bullet point under "Additional information" that answers an earlier question and one that concerns me. The answer to the question someone asked about miles for multiple phone lines: "Maximum one line per household." The line that concerns me: "Sprint will assess a frequent flyer excise charge on all frequent flyer miles earned from using Sprint long distance. Estimated charges are $1.00 per thousand miles and are based upon the number of miles awarded each month."

I'm thinking of switching my fax line over to this for the bonus but leaving my main line on MCI for the Delta miles. But then it sounds like I pay $3.95 a month plus $5.00 extra for months 1 and 4 and then $10 extra for months 8, 12 and 18. I do make long distance calls on that line every so often, but I guess if I'm going to go for this, it really means I'm just paying $111.10 for 40K miles (3.95 x 18 + 2 x 5 + 3 x 10). Cheap as a mileage run but no status miles.
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