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First off, to answer the burning question:

Who or what is Freddie Jr.?

This is Freddie Jr.

Originally Posted by gleff View Post
Freddie, Jr. is the Freddie Award "Industry Impact Award" given to Flyertalk in 2000. Here are several Flyertalkers accepting the award from Randy.
This is the original thread announcing that FlyerTalk had been awarded a Freddie, all those years ago:


Since those early days, Freddie has become a FlyerTalk icon, one of the little eccentricities that make this forum, and the community it has created, so interesting. He was presented to the members of FlyerTalk in recognition of the impact their posts and views were having (and still have to this day) on the travel industry.

Freddie travels the world in style, being handed off from FlyerTalk member to FlyerTalk member (usually at or just before a FlyerTalk DO (read: "meet") or when a FlyerTalk member has a particularly intesting trip planned). The tags with which he has been adorned tell the tale of a jetset high-life (First Class, Concorde, Platinum, Diamond, PPS Solitaire and so on) and the tale of one who has travelled far and wide, and to some interesting destinations (Qantas, Icelandair, Afriqiyah Airways of Libya, El Al, etc.). And the hits just keep coming...


This is the original post that started the flightmap project, shortly after the FT DO in Lugano, Switzerland on December 30th, 2006.

Originally Posted by chrissxb View Post
At the Lugano DO, we came up with the idea to create a flight map for Freddie Jr., courtesy of The site is unfortunately only available in German so far, but the website's owner has stated that he intends to offer multi-language support in the near future.

Freddie's flight map is here: (German) (English)

As you can see, it's still somewhat empty, mostly because I don't have any data on Freddie's flights yet (check here for a slightly more developed example).

I'm volunteering to enter all of Freddie's flights into the system - but I need your help in getting the flight info.

If you've ever flown with Freddie, please send me a PM with whatever flight information you remember. The website tracks a lot of data points, but I think the ones that will really interest us are these:

Departure Airport
Arrival Airport
Date (if you don't remember the exact day, a month and a year is sufficient for this purpose, or make up something that sounds about right)
Class of Service
We can also keep track of the FT member that Freddie flew with.

The website can also track the following information:

Flight Number
Flight Departure Time
Flight Arrival Time
Aircraft Type
Aircraft Registration
Aircraft Name (if any)
Seat Number

I suggest using the following format for your flights with Freddie:

alex0683de 21APR2007 Air France ZRH-LYS Economy (optional info here)
alex0683de 21APR2007 Air France LYS-TLS Economy (optional info here)

Given the amount of travel that Freddie does, I'm certain the map will be interesting, to say the least. I hope you guys (and gals) can help me in making it work.


Update: (April 13, 2007) is now available in English as Freddie's flight map in English can be found at

While the map is getting fuller, I am certain it doesn't even come close to what he has actually flown. More data would be greatly appreciated!


Update: (May 20, 2007)

Thanks to some more information from other FTers and some searching in the FT archive, I've managed to reconstruct more of Freddie's movements. As of today, he now has 374,167 miles to his credit, though there are still a lot of flights missing. At this point, the main thing I am looking for is just routings and rough dates, all other information is a nice add-on, but not strictly necessary.

I've also been asked what the purpose of this little project is:

The idea is to create some sort of record of Freddie's flight movements for posterity. It also helps us in keeping track of Freddie's whereabouts. In addition, I have a surprise planned for the Freddies 2010 (the 10th anniversary of the presentation of the Industry Impact Award - now known as Freddie Jr. - to FlyerTalk's members) as a thank-you to Randy Petersen and his staff at the House of Miles, both for the award and for the great times we've had since then. I won't tell you what it is just yet - but it does involve Freddie and his travels.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me so far!


Update: (March 28, 2010)

Since Randy decided that the 2009 Freddie Awards would be the last, my original plan of presenting him with a map of Freddie Jr.'s travels at the Freddies 2010 had to be shelved.

Luckily, an opportunity to salvage it presented itself at Star Mega DO in November 2009. With the kind support of shoggoth, one of the founders of the / project, I was able to present a poster of Freddie's Travels to a very grateful Randy after all.

I plan to keep maintaining the flight map for as long as people keep submitting the details of their flights with Freddie, please send me a PM if you've flown with him.

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