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I have read the post twice and still have one question. Where does the system take into account companions for whom an EXP or a PLT have requested upgrades? Similarly, if an EXP give a spouse or a coworker a VIPOW for a flight and the VIPOW is in the record, where does the spouse or coworker fall on the list? Does the priority follow the priority of the EXP or PLT or does is the AAdvantager status of the passenger for whom the upgrade is sought? Is there a linking of records to those of the requesting EXP or PLT so the spouse / coworker or whatever rides on requesting passenger's priority?
I am not 100 percent sure , I will research a little bit further for you though.

I am pretty sure that the main factor is if the passenger record is marked 'split' or 'no split' . If marked 'no split' then the sytem bases your companions place on the list based on your status, and will upgrade both of you at the same time if the seats are avaliable. So if you dont want to split and stay sitting together rather than one of you taking the upgrade, then the system auto rolls to the next person in the list.

If you are prepared to split then you as the elite member are given the seat, the companion is then put back on the list based on their own status.

Above is incorrect, if you prepared to split and are given a seat, then your companion becomes the next person on the list for an upgrade.

Dont quote me on that just yet, I will research further this afternoon.

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