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Thumbs down 8 months later...aborted attempts to us OLCI

...so, 23:59 prior to flight time, I unsuccessfully attempt OLCI, the error message being "Online Check-in Unavailable". A call to BAEC Gold Reservations gets me the following explanation: "Oh, you can't do that until 23 hours before departure." I insist that the rule is 23:59 prior and I also tell the agent that I'm having trouble with seat selection on another itinerary in CE, to which she replies, "Oh, you can't do seat selection for intra-Europe flights," and tries to get BA.COM on the line. (Meanwhile, I persist with the seating problem and am able to change the seat selections...don't know how/why they were changed in the 1st place.) The BA.COM people advise me that for some reason, even though I entered correctly the passport information, nonetheless, they had to re-enter it, and I would need to wait another 30 minutes prior to attempting OLCI.

1 hour later, I try OLCI again, with the same results. Another call gets me to an agent who cannot explain why I have the problem, nor can he transfer me to BA.COM people. He gives me a telephone number and I dial. The technical person--very friendly and probably located in India--tells me the reason I cannot use OLCI is that my ticket was never issued. Even though I bought it on BA.COM, when the date of the outbound leg was changed in June, the agent somehow messed things up. Unfortunately, since I am a European BAEC member, he cannot issue the ticket, because he can only issue USD-denominated. I will have to wake up in the middle of the night to reach BAEC in Europe when they open...so much for the benefits of OLCI. I am not a very happy camper. In any event, I contact BAEC in Europe when they open and the European agent doesn't fully understand what is going on, but is somehow to reissue the ticket, although I have to call again several hours later to find this out, because no email confirmation ever arrived.

I'm relieved that this is finally resolved, but ticked off at BA's incompetence and the enormous amount of time I have had to waste. I also wonder what on earth would have happened had I shown up at the airport on the day of departure, 2 hours prior to departure time (with Europe closed)?!
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