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JGR, I suspect you're right. :sigh" :added victim entitlement: ROFL!

I've had much more liberal terms from CX, for example - they have allowed bags to remain checked while we RON in HKG, etc. But DFW, not.

I don't mind leaving my bags in AA custody in some locations, but would not do so at MIA or SJU in the US, and in a number of locations abroad. Mind you, I break my regulators down and carry them plus my dive computers in my carry-on. I may be naive, but I'm not stupid.

The places I have had stuff pilfered - once in MIA on checking the bag from a TSA worker (the employee searched my bag and apparently was pretty good at sleight of hand even while pax watched, and my bag was secured after the inspection - my knife was missing when I opened it at my destination, though the bag was still secured,) and once in UIO where they managed to get into the bag and churn everything up - but apparently found nothing of value they wanted.

Last time through UIO and GYE I used old duffle bags for the clothing, wetsuit, etc. and they passed "inspection" wihtout problems.
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