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Originally Posted by BAHumbug View Post
Not only are we the worst place in the world (which I find quite easy to believe), we have the worst staff, the most inefficient system and a company that is totally unaccountable to anybody overseeing it all.

My suggestion would be that the amount of time it takes Pax to get through is monitored. For every pax that takes longer than 10 minutes to get through security, BAA is fined 20. They'd soon speed things up...

Agreed, what really bugs me, is the lack of management of the security staff.

A few weeks ago, I spend over an hour waiting to reach the security checkpoint. I got there and witnessed 3 staff members chatting to each other, and not all the security points open. Even staff the other side waiting to pat people down who buzzed were busy chatting and not working to move people through.

They should have staff walking up and down the queues reminding people, all objects out of pockets, laptops out, outer coats off etc etc. This is my pet hate - people who treat the security queues like a stroll down Blackpool promenade so I won't go there.

BA blame BAA.

BAA blame the goverment

Someone has to be accountable for this farce.
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