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Go to longhaul on the, ummm High life shop via BA.COM and you will see the connector type there, It can be purchased on board. All the info is there.

(info below)

Currently we have two systems providing power 'at seat'.

The first is a DC based system. The system provides +15VDC and is capable of delivering 75 Watts of power via a hypertronics connector mounted at the seat.
The DC system is being installed on our longhaul fleet and is available on the flat bed First Class seat, on the flat bed Club World seat and on the World Traveller Plus seat.

For information, our entire fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft (Jumbo Jets) have been installed, and all of our Boeing 777 aircraft installed.
Installation on our fleet of 767 longhaul aircraft started in January 2005 and is due for completion by end 2006.

To use the DC system, there are a number of adaptors available commercially that come supplied with the correct connector for the seat.

The adaptor BA recommends, and one that has been tested for use on board aircraft, is the new DC to 110 VAC Inverter made by Teleadapt. British Airways sells this model on board in the 'High Life Shop!' (formerly the Shopping the World catalogue), under Longhaul routes.

Thats the link to the adaptor
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