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Obviously based on a wasted University Challenge question.

Paxman : "And now the picture question identify which airline these uniforms are from No Conferring".


Ms BigThingies : "It's .... er .... France Air"

Paxman : "Of course not it's Mahan Air from Indonesia, Next ...."


Mr NouveauHippy : "Looks like that Australian one, what's it called, something like Quintupas or whatever".

Paxman : "Good grief even I knew it was Horizon Air from Seattle, Next...."


GeekyGeorge : "Hemus Air from Bulgaria"

Paxman : "Mainline or Commuter ....?"

GG : "Mainline"

Paxman : "Bad luck it's Commuter, And Last...."


NigelNitwit : "AAAAmerican AAAAirlines"

Paxman : "If you're going to sneeze don't press your bell...."
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