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Originally Posted by Gaza View Post
Apologies for the cross posting but I thought the outcome of this might be useful to those who like me very rarely venture anywhere other than the BA Board.

My attention was drawn to the "Booking Code" line highlighted above. It showed "P" rather than "K". I made a quick call back to BA Telesales and asked them to change the booking class from "K" to "P". He confirmed the fare basis had changed from KAOZT to KUPP26T.

I them went in to and saw the AA flights now confirmed in F.

This could be worth adding to the sticky.

 1.  WSSLHR‡TLHR                                                
       BASE FARE                     TAXES             TOTAL    
      GBP3510.00                    157.30XT      GBP3667.30ADT 
    XT     40.00GB      13.00UB      14.60US       2.50YC       
            3.50XY       2.50XA       3.90AY      75.00YQ       
         3510.00                    157.30           3667.30TTL 
ADT-01  DLAPGB KUPPR26T KUPP26T DLAPGB                          
   LAST DAY TO PURCHASE 08DEC                                   
LON BA MIA2875.37DLAPGB AA LAS436.28KUPPR26T AA MIA436.28 KU    
PP26T BA LON2875.37DLAPGB NUC6623.30END ROE0.530018 XFMIA4.5    
 1 O LHR BA  209D  03MAR 1330  OK DLAPGB            03MAR03MAR  
 2 O MIA AA  447P  03MAR 2150  OK KUPPR26T               03MAR  
 3 O LAS AA 1819P  08MAR  745  OK KUPP26T                03MAR  
 4 O MIA BA  206D  08MAR 1705  OK DLAPGB            08MAR08MAR ‡
     LHR                                                       ‡
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