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Originally Posted by Gaza View Post
Unless you wanted to end up in the Small Claims Court with a possible CCJ against you then you would have to pay. McDs would claim the conditions of parking are clearly displayed (45 minutes free, then £XXX for stays longer than that) and that therefore they are entitled to levy the charge if you stay longer than 45 minutes.
But what they have not considered is that the registered keeper may not have been the driver at the time. Only the driver at the time is liable to potential civil liability. You need legislation to displace that liability onto the registered keeper or to provide a mechanism whereby the registered keeper is obliged to provide the details of the driver at the time of the offence.

So, if you get a note in the post from McGonads claiming a "civil penalty" (there is no such thing), then if you were not the driver at the time (or cannot remember who was driving) you can send them back a letter wishing them luck in tracking that person down.
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