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Originally Posted by Frequentflyer99 View Post
Also, will the system send me an email if my statuts changes to confirmed, or is that too much to hope for ?
Ask the agent to add your waitlisted flight under your BA Exec number. You can then see if under MMB along with any other confirmed flight. For example, you may have a confirmed flight SYD-BKK, but wish to waitlist SYD-SIN. Both flights will show in MMB, the SYD-BKK as Status: Confirmed, whereas SYD-SIN will show Status: Waitlisted. If, and when you are confirmed on the waitlisted flight, the status will change accordingly. You will then effectively be booked on two outbound flights. It is then up to the agent to cancel the one that is not required, and to book any onward connection required.

So, in short, add BA Exec to booking, and check MMB regularly to see if waitlisted flight is confirmed.

To answer your original question, AFAIK, no email is sent automatically.
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