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Originally Posted by G-BOAG View Post

Two Gold's looking for an ATH-LHR that's sold out in J, C, D, & I.

One Gold member wants to purchase a "J" fare for ATH-LHR-ABZ.
The other wants to purchase a "J" fare for ATH-LHR-LAX.

Which Gold member is going to be comfirmed from the waitlist?

It's also not always good to be waitlisted for a certain flight for long periods. Same situation as above. One Gold requested to be wait listed 2 1/2 months before departure, the other was added to the waitlist a week before departure. The more recent has a better chance of being confirmed as they are more likely to take the flight if confirmed.

That being said, it's still all based on a points system, and no one will be able to tell you where you really are on the waitlist as it's all automated.
Interesting, but the point on timing is positively bizarre ! How an organisation with "British" in its name can thumb its nose in such a blatant way at the great British queuing system is a wonder

It sounds from what you are saying that adding a further confirmed J longhaul sector could increase the prospects over a straightforward single waitlisted booking. Presumably there is then nothing that would require one to have the extra sector ticketed if the waitlisted flight goes confirmed. I suppose having that extra sector might actually make the system believe that one was more likely to take the flight as well ....

Whoever dreamt this system up must be a mind-games expert .....
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