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Originally Posted by Frequentflyer99 View Post
Got myself waitlisted and was told there were 4 or 5 ahead of me. When I asked whether they were also golds, I got the enigmatic response "Can't say because of data protection, I don't know how it all works anyway".

If they wanted to, would it be possible for someone more helpful to actually tell me how many Golds are ahead of me ?

Also, will the system send me an email if my statuts changes to confirmed, or is that too much to hope for ?
The automatic waitlist clearance system looks at more than your tier. It works on a points system, taking into account the letter class that's being waitlisted, tier, date/time of waitlist, route, onward connections, etc.

That's why an agent telling you that your #2 on the list with a Gold ahead of you means very little. It's all automated.
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