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To All Muccis, Wannabee, Can't-See-Why-I-Aintabees and Their Servants and Pets


Isn't that interesting? I am really interested how many of you use public transport and how few of you use the link via Feltham (G-BOAC). Actually, Spottie used to use a bicycle to LGW I recall. Whether he does or not nowadays I do not know. It is also quite interesting to see the spread of Flyertalkers across Britain but largely living around London and the Home Counties. It is also quite exhilierating if slightly but deliciously sordid to have two Muccis fighting over me. I have been fascinated less by the acquisition of Tomacz but that so many of you knew about this. I have never discussed my Au Pair - but you wouldn't be interested.

One decision that I have reached is that Tomacz is herwith appointed a Mucci because anyone who would be a maid in the VC10 household deserves any breaks that life can offer. I am assuming that were that household famous rather than notorious Max Clifford would be representing him already.

To you all - there are still Muccihoods up for grabs. I was thinking of confering one on Mr Randy but he may be one already. I really must keep an un-civil list!
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