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Originally Posted by Phil the Flyer View Post
LH_Fan - not quite what I meant to convey. Given the relatively low cost of labour here in Egypt I have my own full-time driver plus car, both supplied by my employer, for both personal and business use. Not only does he drop me off at CAI when I am flying out, he meets me when I'm flying in, thereby eliminating the headache of public transport, car parks, transfers, etc altogether. 200 duty-free cigarettes for him every time and he's as happy as the proverbial pig in sh*t.

It's not quite as grand as it sounds but believe me, you wouldn't want to drive yourself around and/or find somewhere to park in this crazy city.
What I meant to say was that, at LHR, I do the same things you say you do at LHR - i.e., rental car unless the meeting's in the city when it's either Paddington Express or the tube. Sorry if my post was confusing. BTW, I use 1car1 for car rentals at LHR - they are cheap, and quite nice people.
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