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Originally Posted by PUCCI GALORE View Post
Peachy Phil has asked me for a list of Muccis - but I thought rather than have a roll call - (although you can if you like) I have been meaning to ask you all this for ages.

How do you get to the airport? Do you dirve and if so where do you park? Do you use public transport? If so which part of the world is this from?

I'm really interested. We always go by car (that's non-work trips when of course I always drive to LHR). I just thought that if we have people from BT have a dekko - they might get some information. Should BA get more involved as car parking at the airport is daylight robbery? What do you think?

Do let me know - whilst about it if anyone thinks that they are suitable for Muccidom they may apply. As for those who already are - I am far too generous in dispensing honours so I tend to forget

Have not yet worked out what a Mucci is but I'm happy to reply.

I live less than 5 minutes walk from Covent Garden tube station.

My flatmate takes the Piccadilly Line to LHR, takes a minimum of 70 mins door to checkin and costs less than a fiver. I take a cab to Paddington and the HEx, takes a minimum of 40 mins for T1, 45 mins for T4, for a cost of 26.

If it's a pre 8am flight, I'll pre-order a mini cab. Pick-up around 6am means I can be at T4 in 45 mins. Not sure what cost is, we have a work account.

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