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Manuel welcome to our community - was a SEN a few years ago but due to job was lowered to FTL. He now would be able to just manage the 100K needed by end Feb to qualify again for SEN. Does this count as 're-qualification'?

There is no doubt about it that the grace period for re-qualification ends this months. What makes me concern is, that I do not see any evidence for this grace period to qualify for FTL/SEN. An this is the (only) important point to answer this question. To qualify for SEN M&M members other than with a German or Austrian address need 100.000 status miles in one calendar year.

Manuel is FTL. Since the beginning of this year the eligibility period for initial qualification for SEN will be changed to coincide with the calendar year. The in any twelve subsequent months qualifying period ended in 11/02 (status miles 12/01 to 11/02).

But it might be, if you take this issue up with M&M now, that they would grant you a (last time) first-time qualification exception for a period March 2002 to February 2003 (as granted for re-qualification of Senator status). I would not hesitate to try and contact M&M now. ( by Rudi).