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Strange as my answer might seem for a TalkBoard candidate -- I did what I thought was the right thing for FlyerTalk: I resigned from TalkBoard.

It is a long story, detailed in this post, but it boils down to the fact that a mistaken medical test had convinced me that I would not be able to give TalkBoard the attention it deserved. Rather than leaving it short a member, I resigned.

Beyond that, I have only done what many of our members have: I arranged several meets (Tel Aviv, PBI-FLL, and Lugano) and posted when I thought I had something of interest to say.

In my year on TalkBoard, I pushed for two forums: Religious Travelers and Budget Travel. Budget Travel was (and is) a great success and a major asset to FlyerTalk. If I am going to claim credit for my success, however, than I must also admit to my failure: Religious Travelers has been a very big disappointment.

Still, I am happy that both were given a chance. I have long objected to the requirement that there be "proof" that a forum will succeed. Such proof is impossible to produce. The only way we can know is -- assuming that TalkBoard members consider the forum to be a good idea -- to give it a chance to show what it can do.
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