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The new 2003 SWU rules

unixone posted a scan of the new 2003 1K SWU's and these are valid standby on any fares exept those in X,I,O,R,N,E This is just incredibly dumb of LH, IMHO. UA restrcits its certificates to C,Y,B,M,H and LH lets everybody in! Plus, the SEN certificates on UA will probably only be valid if the flight is booked in C,Y,B,M,H. This means that you can upgrade on LH from D to F for just $300 by buying an SWU on EBay! I'm extremely mad about this!

I always thought that LH sees its F/Cl as something special and relatively expensive: you either had to earn status on M&M to benefit from the SEN vouchers or you had to burn miles. Now you just log on to EBay... This means probably fuller F cabins to North America and definitely full C cabins

Bad,bad move LH...

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