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Yes it is a tad cold down here this morning...... Though the sun has just decided to grace us with its presence.

As for things to see and do. There is what others have suggested, but there is also the Museum - the Antartica exhibit is really geared towards kids with lots of hands on stuff.

There are some great skate parks etc if your older one is into that type of thing.

When exactly are you coming? Schools go back mid/late Feb so until then you will be dealing with crowds. There are some great walks in Mt Wellington, and the older ones may enjoy the Wellington descent which is mountain bikes DOWN Mt Wellington run by a tour company.

If you feel like taking a couple of days to drive up the Midlands highway from Hobart to Lonnie there is a great interactive trail/mystery for kids in a book...cant remember the name off hand, but will post it when I find it.

Woolmers at Longford (about a 2 hour drive up north) is fascinating - its a colonial house which has been left exactly as the last owner left it when he died. There are also huge gardens and lots of outsheds and things to explore.

Fruit Picking at Sorrell fruit is great fun - apples and pears should be out in the summer, along with some of the stone fruits. There is a lovely cafe out there as well.

If you give me an idea of what dates you are here, I can suggest some things.
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