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Okay... I think the conventional wisdom may be wrong on BAQ. Seems to have been wrong on CLO too.

I'm not sure BAQ would be greatest cash cow on the planet; but I bet it would do better than has been suggested here. I suspect there are a sufficient number of folks going in and out of BAQ (and spillover from CTG and SMR) that would use a daily US connection not to MIA.

MDE flights, including that triangle, have floundered for years, no? Same problem as CLO. Folks don't mind going through BOG (despite the Paisa stuff). Heck, half the Colombians flying out of CLO and MDE probably like the chance to stop over in BOG and see their apartment and friends in the capital.

Okay... I'll put it to rest.

How about something plain old crazy like MAO (Manaus, might hurt COPA) or MVD (Montevideo, too far for 737)?

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