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Originally Posted by MAH4546
Avianca flies MIA-BAQ, MIA-CTG, and JFK-BAQ. And you likely are not going to see CO at BAQ or CTG any time soon. Cali performs poorly enough.
You are right; but that makes it sound like more than it is... MIA-BAQ is 7x weekly; but MIA-CTG seems to be 4x and JFK-BAQ only 3x.

Basically you have only got two MD-80 loads per day in each direction, from both cities together.

Cali's different, it's not really a valid comparison. First, you've got more competition. On top of CO, AA is there and CM offers real connections. Plus, of course, AV. Which brings up the second point: It's logical, and people are accustomed, to going through BOG if you are flying out of CLO internationally. Take AV onto DL. Or, for that matter, even somebody like LAN out of Bogotá might be taken by somebody from CLO headed for the US. LAN was cheapest in the market for a while.

BAQ and CTG are different. First, between them, they have 50% more people than CLO. Second, they are pretty far north of BOG, and it doesn't make sense to fly in precisely the wrong direction to connect (opposite of CLO situation). And CM doesn't really work.

Yet there are far fewer seats headed to gringolandia than from CLO.
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