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Originally Posted by funtotravel
skye1 - thanks a bunch for all the information. Now I may have to plan on not checking all my toiletries in order to use the gym and still look ok afterwards.
Sad, huh...I don't think I could describe my OWN bathroom with that kind of detail Dang, talk about morphing into the "More Than You'd EVER Want to Know About A Shower" thread...

But, back to toiletry issues...
If you go to more than one club (which many at DFW do, even if only arriving in one term. & departing in another), ask at each club for one of those envelopes. Then, you'll have a spare to use in case they aren't giving them out (or run out) on a subsequent visit. I keep one in my glove box, along with the "winter travel" stuff.
AND, interestingly, I've carried a "spare" with me in my carry-on on every single flight I've been on (takes up next to NO space) and TSAs/Security have passed it just fine...they'll confiscate all the little tubes in my J amenity kit, but that envelope seems to be fine.

Or, if the club doesn't have one...the last time I was at DCA, they called down to their baggage claim office and had one of the amentity kits from there (they give to people stranded or with lost luggage) given to me...kinda cool' little travel pouch, actually. GREAT for batteries, small cables, etc.

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