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(2&2 vs. 3&3 in Regular cars)
Ordinary Shinkansen cars have 2+3 seating.

also, the bullet train is not very bullet! it doesnt really go that fast on that line, at least. distance from tokyo to kyoto = 370 km. so thats average 148km/h. the regular train from london to newcastle here in the uk would average 143 km/h (380 km in 2.65h) and no one calls that a bullet. -posted by clinicallyobeast
Term bullet train was coined up back when the original Shinkansen 0 sereis trains came out, they looked like a bullet. Though the name has lingured around for anything high speed rail even if the train maynot look like a bullet.

Anything that runs over 200km/h is considered "High Speed Rail"/ "Bullet trains" if you will.

Shinkansens operate up to 270 km/h - 300 km/h in normal service.
Its that there are parts of the line that trains operate slower, parts where they operate at very high speed.

For example the Run from Nagoya to Kyoto you're going at about 230+ km/h. I consider that pretty fast.
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