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I do have a couple credit cards but the limits are very low. I don't have a stable job, I am a temp usually in accounts and considered below average income statistically. My husband is an ongoing labour hire. I'm actually a very good payer, always on time because I plan my purchases and pay for them by the end of the month. This is why it is essential that I find some way to delay this purchase until Jan or Feb when I would have saved the money to pay off the tickets.

There is no CX at all in this itinerary. I have only QF, LA, AA and AY. The return to Australia is booked as an AY codeshare on QF metal because AY gives better mileage earning.

I'm not that worried about the price fluctuation in Jan/Feb because by then I would have the money. My concern is the airlines running out of L class especially on the Easter Island and domestic Peru flights. I have no flexibility of date change, I will be booking jungle lodge packages, Machi Picchu train, hotels on points and there is the Heiva festival in Tahiti. I will need to keep the exact dates I am planning on. I did build a cushion into my itinerary to give me enough time to make connections and allow for possible delays in Cuzco.

I guess what I am really asking here is how do I get hold of one of those AAngels that I see being discussed on FT who can make things happen when the regular call centre people won't budge?

Or alternatively, would LA be a good option to book the ticket with? (in regards to fuel surcharges)

I don't think AY has an office here but I am guessing European based carriers have high fuel surcharges.
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