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Cheapest way to Plat via Challenge

Hi all.

I am going on a Plat challenge and yes, I am cheap so I want to do it the easiest, cheapest way possible. I made gold via a challenge last year, and with the mileage run I did (MKE-ORD-DFW-ATL-DFW-ORD-MKE) I made it with that one trip, flying full fare economy, and it only cost me $500.

That said, this time around I have to double my QPs for Plat - I can make that same trip again to net me 5602 QPs. Right now that route is $624, as best I can tell.

I have two weekends to play with. Nov 9 - 12 (I'll go anywhere domestically), and I HAVE to go to BOS Dec 30 - Jan 1 (or Dec 29 if it's cheaper).

I've messed around with it for days and can't keep my costs to under $1000. I know many of you do this a lot so if anyone has some extra time on their hands and wouldn't mind helping me out that would be great!! It's that 2nd leg - going to Boston - that's so expensive. I have to go there for my half brother's wedding on New Year's Eve.....

Forgot to add, I can fly out of MKE or ORD as I am right in the middle of them both....
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