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Humble Pie

Attempting partial atonement for my rude post:

"Six hours" opens up an awful lot of real estate, but to find cool pools, I would use the Hilton web site and concentrate my search on the SC and GA coast and in resort locations southward. Even if you are not interested in the resort (e.g., Six Flags), I think such pool amenities are more likely to be found in family vacation destinations than in cities. Each property will have a link to "tour" the hotel, and then there typically will be a link to pictures of the "leisure facilities."

For example, Orlando, Florida is within six hours driving of much of the State of South Carolina. This opens up some rather interesting possibilities such as the HGVC at Sea World, the HGVC on Intl Drive, and the Hilton at Downtown Disney (all category 6 for award stay, though, IIRC). The Embassy Suites Intl Drive-Jamaican Court has one of those indoor/outdoor pools, and is just a category 4 property.
The Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista Resort also is cool, though cat 5.

A little poking around in the Florida and South forums here under "travel and dining" might turn up a nugget or two. You could search those fora "pools" and see what turns up.
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