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Well, it's all a bit of a bummer... I kinda understand why UA is doing this to the burgeoning ranks of non-UA *S and *G (except the full fare bit - that's plain stupid), but the things that irritate me are:

(1) it would be fine if E+ was a truly separate cabin (a la bmi PE), but in general it's poorly enforced, so you might cough up the dough to upgrade, and then end up next to some late check-in, unwashed, no status, low fare, random person

(2) zero notice. If I had known earlier in the year, I *might* have considered changing my allegiance from BD*G to earn UA 1P instead... By now it's much too late in the year to do that, and frankly I am all earned up for the next 12 months or so, so it is not worth changing allegiance

And, as a result of (2), for anyone at UA who thinks it's a revenue generation opportunity... um, *no*. If you think I (and, I suspect, many others) would consider stepping foot on a UA plane with the risk of E- seating, crap IFE, surly service, hellish hubs (IAD anyone?) and having to pay for crap booze to drown my sorrows in, then, um... No No and thrice No

My JFK next month will definitely be my last UA flt for a while (and I hope to hell I get to keep my E+ seats) - and to think I was considering UA Y for my SYD trip next year...
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