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Originally Posted by jim739
I'm still not sure whether this is a huge rumour started from someone forgetting to type information onto the web page in question

It will be interesting to see whether the "E+ sweep" will take out peoples seat assignments with future reservations.
Well the site has also now been changed to remove the reference to *A so I doubt someone has forgotten twice.

I was wondering about what they would do to existing seat reservations and I think and hope they will just leave them alone. It makes no sense to irritate customers by removing their seat assignments especially as near to the time there are usually only middle seats left in the ordinary cabin. Imagine if you booked 6 months ago, got your "dream" E+ seat than got it taken away from you 2 days before you travel and you have to fly in a crappy middle seat right at the back. Not a good idea.

If I know when I book I have a choice whether to fly UA or not. If I book thinking I will get a certain benefit (whilst not guaranteed) and it gets taken away that is another thing. We shall of course have to wait and see but I for one would see US Airways as a better choice for TA travel if E+ access is removed.
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