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Security for military at airport

Since I love this forum so much.. You guys always make me smile

I will toss in a piece of red meat for you to jump on..(Hell, it's my civic duty)

Two stories...

1st- I was just with an American Hero, just back from Iraq. When his unit got to the States and had to clear customs then go through security to fly home, they had rifles, bayonets etc....but had to leave water before passing through.

2nd- had dinner last night with friends. Their son is (God Forbid) a TSA screener at CVG. When the security level ratcheded up after the London liquid bomb plot revieled, KY National Guard brought in to assist at CVG. When Guard passed through security..they had to send rifles through scanner (why, dont ask me..that's your job to determine)..They had Loaded rifles, side arms and bayonetts....One guy has a Swiss Army knife that was taken away.

See, I love to help out here at my favorite conspiracy forum.

Go get em!!!!!!!!!!!!
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