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Originally Posted by roundtheworld
So my 2 cents...

On one of the flights we actually went through the manifest nd tried to figure it out . The purser had no clue and said they were never briefed on it...

From the Manifest it could mean one of the following (9probably it is a marker)
a) + means flying with companion (to ensure that they are handled together)
b) Special needs / meals

all SEN+ had either a companion or special needs... on that flight ...

In any case it is pure speculation until we actually see the policy for this. In the end it doesn't matter as the FA's don't know what it means..

BTW Qualified HON in a year .. no + next to name
If a) is true, then the + sign would appear to HONs to !?!?
If b) is true, then same, as a)

I was recently on a trip with my SEN (wife) and HOC (daughter). I did see the manifest and we were all three listed as first three lines (no + for any of us), then a blank line and then about 10 SENs (I think a few really had + sign), another blank line, then I guess *G and FTL mixed. But not sure here.

As for b) I don't know. But I fully agree, pure speculation. And I guess, there is no written policy behind. Because the PA have no clue. That is a given fact, because everybody serious really doesn't know. And all the other PA/FA just want to be interesting by chatting out loud something.
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