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Local SIMS

Originally Posted by TNvols
I will only be in Guangzhou for about 9 days up coming. Its about $1.50 a minute I think on my Verizon mobile phone. I usually spend about 100 minutes on the phone with home. Should I get a phone while I'm there for local calls and calls back home to Tennessee? Would it be cheaper if I wanted to talk say about 500 minutes to Tennessee from Guangzhou?
This has been discussed before numerous times....a careful search will give more details.

FYI, short summary below:

Local SIMS cost about RMB$120 which includes RMB$100 of airtime. Don't recall exact per minute cost to call home but certainly less than US$1.50 on verizon (and that's assuming your verizon non-gsm phone will work?).

Also, someone recently posted a cheap mobile access number that brings down international calls even further:

17951 will only work on a cell phone. The saving is actually rather significant. Calls from a cell phone to USA/Canada was RMB 8.00/min. With 17951, it's only RMB 2.40/min.

Assuming 100 minutes use to call home @1.50, that $150 vs. investment of less than $15 for new SIMS and if 17951 works, each minute less than $0.40/minute..... Plus of course when you make local calls, cost is pennies vs. dialing on your verizon account which is essentially a long distance call?
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