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Peter N-H
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Originally Posted by phillipas
You can drink the tap water - but bottled stuff (available everywhere) tastes better.
You can drink the tap water, but you will get sick unless you boil it thoroughly first. No one on a brief visit from overseas should even consider brushing his or her teeth with tap water unless spending three days deciding which end of the body to apply to the lavatory first appeals.

In Beijing people at a foreign company responsible for water treatment tell me that after they've finished with it, the water is indeed drinkable. But unfortunately it then has to run through pipes that add lots of contaminents back in. In the overwhelming majority of China it gets no where near potable standards to start with, and certain nothing that a delicate Western stomach can deal with.

You will rarely see Chinese drinking unboiled tap water. This is no time to be macho. This is the time to be sensible. Bottled water (although not itself 100% reliable) is available on every street corner.

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