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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by heckler:
I really can understand why people are leaving Skymiles.. really.. medallions in particular.

I am travelling on a FULL FARE Y ticket to NRT from ATL in a month or so. Currently, DL's seat map shows only 5 seats assigned going to Asia and a paltry 3 taken coming back. This means over 45 seats are available in each direction. 45 seats!!

DL always sends me thank you notices for giving them my business, and makes me believe I am a valued customer. Yet, according to their own rules, I cannot currently use a PMU, upgrading a "Y" fare at time of purchase. It's not available, and you'll have to be put into waitlist limbo.

Availability of upgrades? Sure we all know they hold the right to reserve seats for paying passengers. But where does the common sense kick in? If a PM comes along and meets their criteria for using a PMU - with 7/8 of BE free, then why the **ll do I have to be waitlisted...?

DL doesn't get it. Don't advertise a program which doesn't work the way you advertise it. Tell me you won't upgrade the Y fare, or better yet don't even send me any PMUs. More than likely, i'll clear the waitlist - but one has to ask oneself - where does DL greed, versus the desire to keep a good YBM PM begin and end?

Anyone else had any logic defying experiences like this?
The first liar doesn't have a chance. Just kidding! I booked 11 months ahead in 1st/BE from LAS to Europe - no problem with BE but I'm waitlisted LAS to ATL though there are only 2 bookings in FC on one of the 3 flights where I'm waitlisted. The other 2 have 26 and 28 empty seats right now. The booking is for May.
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