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Originally Posted by The _Banking_Scot

I would go with;

(1) Hilton Waikoloa Village with its huge Kohala pool and water slide and grotto and the Kona pool wihch is on multiple levels

(2) Hilton Tapatio Cliffs ( Phoenix) Two large pools wsith an enclose water slide in the Falls Vater Village and 6 other pools spread about the resort os you often had a pool to yourself.


I second for both Hilton San Juan Puerto Rico and the private pools at Tapatio Cliffs (Phoenix, AZ).

Hammocks in the palm trees on the sandy side of the pool area in PR are memorable. Tired of the hammock? Swim over to the waterfall or the bar. Just plan to spend the whole day.

The large pool at Tapatio Cliffs has piped-in music in every corner and under every bush. Tough to read a book or do much concentrating, but the filter is needed to offset the screaming kids. You know that going in. In contrast, the private pools and lots of them are wonderful.
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