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In answer to a question posted, no I never really thought the the problem would escalate to such a level. I never thought that Beirut would be bombed. The fighting and kidnapping has happened before and Israel's response was never this severe.

Mind you we had started our own internal dialogue between the different factions and religious groups (including Hizbollah) to try and reach an agreement about Hizbollah and how to disarm it. It has taken us a long time to get to this point in the discussion but we were making progress and I honestly believed that a solution was at hand with regard to Hizbollah and its weapons. Unfortunately, these talks are now over given the events of the past week.

Things have been relatively quiet, relative in the sense that bombing has not be constant like the past few days. Woke up at the sounds of bombs exploding in the southern suburbs of Beirut (best alarm clock ever!!!). In the past few hours, rockets have landed at various construction sites in the Achrafieh (mostly Christian populated areas) area of Beirut. Specifically, water drilling trucks (trucks that have mobile drilling heads the dig for underwater supplies) were targeted. Yesterday, several convoys of food and medicine were targeted too. I guess the IDF is not taking any chances with anything. In the meantime, the south continues to be bombarded on a regular basis. There is very little left down there. Hizbollah has a lot of support in the south (for obvious reasons), so the area is being bombed.

Indeed hundreds of thousands of people have made their way to schools, yards, open spaces, anywhere they can find. Some have even taken to the streets, just sitting in the cars and turning them into makeshift mobile homes. But there are still hundreds of thousands stuck in the south with very few places to go to given the destruction. Indeed on a humanitarian level, we have a huge disaster on our hands. We can only hope that all of this will end soon so that we can pick up the pieces and carry on with our lives... Dovster really painted a good picture in describing the situation here in Beirut (and in other parts of the country). It is a real shame to have to see all this happening around me with very little we can do.

And I doubt there will be an end anytime soon. There is somewhat of a "pause" in activities just to allow foreign ships to take their folks out of the country. And now they are saying that there was a huge explosion in Israel... They will not stand for this...
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