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Originally Posted by ESpen36
My personal preference is A. I do like the new club in D, but I like the intimacy of the old FL area in A.

Also, one of the best-kept secrets at DFW is the SHOWERS in A! They simply are DIVINE! Much, much better than the ones in D. Plus, A has a small fitness center inside security.
I totally agree with this. The fitness center/shower combo in A is great---if I've got a couple of hours at DFW, I know that I can still get a workout in. Yeah, the showers at A are the best here imho, but I don't think the OP was too concerned about shower rankings.

The point about the old FL area in A is a great one: I've been "thru" there several times on my way to the fitness area, & on my last trip I really noticed what a great "sanctuary" it is. It's an incredibly quiet, usually solitary area...plenty of rooms & areas to sit down & work without a sound or soul around.
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