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Compare to how AA deals with a schedule change...

Due to an upcoming change (by a couple of hours) on a MIA-HNL itinerary, AA contacted me, yesterday. As a result of an inter-island flight (on HA: non-refundable and not part of the PNR) there were no acceptable flights. The agent said, "check your options and call back to the EXP desk...and don't hesitate to tell them about the problems assosicate with the HA flight." I called EXP today with date and routing changes (through LAX, instead of DFW), including a one-day stopover in LAX.

Result: no problem, no hint of AA's doing a favor or making an exception, no attempt to say "but your tickets don't permit a stopover in LAX" or other excuse; rather, a willingness to do whatever necessary to accomodate its EXPs. (I admit that I have no idea what the various load factors, etc., might be--versus the situation at BA with the rebooked flight; however, IMHO, this really is where AA outshines BA, hands down.) In the air, BA is generally a dream--unfortunately, on land, things can be a nightmare.
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