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Originally Posted by jimrpa
Sounds like you made the right choice for your situation. You'll LOVE connecting in PHL - All of the US gates are very close to each other.

I'm surprised about your experience with the Delta Customer Care representative.
Actually - I'm connecting in CLT. A few observations about this flight - since I take it every week:

1. CLT is a pleasant, clean airport - and it's really easy to get from one end of the airport to the other (no train ride needed)

2. US Airways gives me a 1 hour connection in CLT - which is more than adequate considering the distance I have to travel between gates

3. I have seen the gate agents at CLT go to great lengths to accomodate pax making tight connections - which is a huge departure from DL with their practice of closing the flight 10 mins prior to scheduled departure - and screwing over those with delayed incoming flights.

I wanted to keep my business with DL - since I've been an elite member with CO for several years (I was based out of EWR at the time) - but frankly, DL has made it impossible for me to do so, unless I felt like sitting in ATL for 3 hours twice a week for the next year...
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