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John C
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I definitely get frustratrated with Delta at times. But in this case, I would say book whatever works best for you - whether it is Delta or someone else. Customer service isn't what it used to be, but that isn't a Delta centric phenomena. All airlines (and nearly all businesses) are reducing costs partially by putting the least expensive butts they can find into the call centers and telling them to read from scripts. If you happened to get a butt that argued with you in clear English, you likely did better than most. While I wish Delta were aiming to be the high service provider (at a slightly higher cost), they aren't. In fact, no one is really aiming for that space (perhaps suggesting that none of them believe there are enough of us who appreciate that additional service to pay for it?). So, in a market where none of your options will really give you what you want, you might as well choose the one that best fits your schedule. Holding grudges against the minimum wage morons at one place who happened to offend you before the mimum wage morons at the next got a chance to do so doesn't really win you anything IMO.
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