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Originally Posted by JAppelbee
Upgrades to J on QF are almost non existent, those seats sell for $8,000 and up, so they arent going to put you in them unless they really have to. Hopefully you paid the difference for the AA codeshared flight, more likely than not you will end up with less miles than you had planned if you didnt.. Unless your in full fare coach, in which case you probably wouldnt have worried about the $150 difference in the first place.
And they'd put a QF elite in J before an AA elite. They do play favorites.

I'd imagine you'll be alright unless a QF elite wants your seat, the fact that there's two of you on the PNR helps.

Last time I went to OZ, I had the x2 seats there and back. On the way there the gentlemen next to me went even farther back to sit next to his wife in an empty seat so I had both seats to myself, pretty nice on a 15 hour flight.
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