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Originally Posted by pachamama
OK it's a real stupid title but I flew BMI from London - Belfast - London over the weekend. That curtain thing was way infront of me as I was assigned the last row in 'Y oh WHY' (another er.. first), and on both occasions every time we landed, a large percentage of pax clapped and cheered on landing.

Unless I was oblivious to a scary cockpit announcement (I have to catch up on new music on my headphones that gets sent to me - I never have time otherwise) I thought the flight was very uneventful, so what is with the clapping?

It made me think...

Is there anything else I am missing out on when

a) travelling on other airlines other than my usual 'Brit Air'?
b) travelling behind that curtain thing.
There was me thinking the pilot got the clap from GatwickBA or a certain shower..

Its definitely not a UK thing, were there many passengers who appeared, possibly Russian? ..Where anything softer than what appears to be a controlled collision with the earth is quite remarkable?
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