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Originally Posted by larsll
First problem is that travel insurance doesn't cover most of these issues. They don't stand in line for you, and at that hour I suspect I wouldn't have been able to find a hotel...
Yeah, you will need also really good travel agency with 24hr emergency support. Agree on that.

Originally Posted by larsll
Priority hotel for priority pax. Placing 20 SENs halfway to Ingolstadt is not a very good PR stunt. Keeping some nearby hotels ready would have been a good idea. It is not as if it came as a surprise we lost our connection. Computers my dear Wolf, computers...
I have lost my confidence with airlines quite a long time ago. I moved back to the travel agencies and deal only with them. I don't want to deal with airlines any longer because I do not think they will ever care about me (unless I travel in some very high priced fare).

Good travel agency will do miracles for their clients and they do not have 1-3 contract hotels to support difficult situations like airlines have. Travel agency is able to find you any hotel in the area when airline will only use their partner hotels. Of course the room will be more expensive through travel agency but that is the reason for travel insurance.

Hmmm, I really wish I could see my travel agency in action, in real life situation. Most probably my expectations are too high.
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