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Originally Posted by miikka
Reminds me why I am paying for premium travel insurance. Of course I haven't actually seen it in action because it seems to protect me too well

Good to know that in the end you finally reached your destination. Quite amazing how LH reacted in numerous situations with you.
First problem is that travel insurance doesn't cover most of these issues. They don't stand in line for you, and at that hour I suspect I wouldn't have been able to find a hotel... Naturally I could have disembarked in DUS and argued and/or paid my way home. I have several travel insurances + employer that would cover the hotel, but an extra C class OW fare would have been a bit stiff.

Overall I am not really angry at LH, bad weather happens, tech happens, tourist season happens. So I don't really bother a bit of queueing when I see that all stations are manned and they try all they can.

Two points of improvement:
  • Someone in DUS should have seen what was going on and authorized my proposed reroute. It is all about tearing down the pyramid and making the best out of the situation.
  • Priority hotel for priority pax. Placing 20 SENs halfway to Ingolstadt is not a very good PR stunt. Keeping some nearby hotels ready would have been a good idea. It is not as if it came as a surprise we lost our connection. Computers my dear Wolf, computers...

SGS in all this did a good job. I saw several agents at the ticket desk really working hard to find alternate paths for LH pax, routing via here there and everywhere to minimize the time lost when the easiest would have been to ship folks off to MUC and sort it out there.
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