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"smaller jets to reduce capacity and increase the number of flights"

This guy is a idiot.

On time now will be sacrificed due to getting back to the skies getting crowded with RJs at a time then Air Traffic Controllers are starting to retire in droves. Let's increase the RJs and concentrate on "higher fare paying customers" who do not want to fly the RJs.

I seem to remember that airlines went to larger planes in order to cut down the number in the sky..As a result with more seats available fares went down but the planes were more efficient.

Many other airlines have newer more efficient aircraft in their fleets.
Delta still is basically a MD88 and 757
airline. Some may be paid off but they are not competitive.

If Delta doesn't want the lower fare passenger many others will take them, and they make a profit.
Delta's east coast business to Florida is families and they will not pay higher prices. Song is a joke..When I checked on
fares BOS-MCO/TPA Song was only $5.00 less round trip...

The "low cost " airline means LOW OPERATING COSTS NOT FARES.

So if Leo wants Delta to "get respect" he needs to stop playing games with terminology
and provide what people THOUGHT he meant.
Where is the low price ? Where is the entertainment systems that were supposed to be on the planes ?

"Respect"? may come when Leo stops trying to "con" the customers.
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